Woho & Kalendar Band

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Welcome to the homepage of Woho & Kalendar Band, we are proud to anounce to start a new Website together. Woho & Kalendar Band met the frst time 14 years ago at the Doitsu Mura event in Chiba/Japan where they played the same event but seperate stages. Woho played solo stages at the German Village, while Kalendar Band performed the Oktoberfest stages at the German Restaurant. on the final stage they decided to make a joint concert which worked out very well, this was the start of a great relationship in private and  business. Since this time Woho Music Production hired the Kalendar Band every year once for a  Concert tour in Japan. In 2010 we decided to increase the business and got the idea to create a website together.

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Kanazawa 金沢Oktoberfest with Woho & Kalendar Band
See link below:
Kanazawa Oktoberfest 2016

Date: August 26th - Sept. 4th 2016

Hiroshima 広島 Oktoberfest 2016
See link below:
Hiroshima Oktoberfest 2016

Date: Sept.9th - Sept. 24th 2016

Date: Sept. 30th - October 16th