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Welcome to the homepage of Woho Music Production and Woho & Kalendar Band, we are proud to anounce to start a new Website together. Woho & Kalendar Band met the first time 20 years ago at the Doitsu Mura event in Chiba/Japan where they played the same event but seperate stages. Woho played solo stages at the German Village, while Kalendar Band performed the Oktoberfest stages at the German Restaurant. on the final stage they decided to make a joint concert which worked out very well, this was the start of a great relationship in private and business. Since this time Woho Music Production hired the Kalendar Band every year twice for the Spring and Autum Oktoberfest tour in Japan. In 2010 we decided to increase the business and got the idea to create a website together.

For more information visit the website of Woho Music Production

or send us a E-mail to Woho & Kalendar Band





News++++++ News++++++News!

Woho´s new TV CM work for the Iwate Bank, now on TV , Youtube and website of Iwate Bank.


Woho´s new Accordion album release, second edition!

Schatzi, Schatzi

Music by Woho Hoelze

Lyrics by Roy & Peter Sali


Yokohama Frühlinsfest 2023

April 28th May 7th 2023


Hamamatsu  Oktoberfest 2023

Date: July 28th - August 13th


Oktoberfest Kanazawa 2023

Date: August 24th - Sept. 3rd


Hiroshima Oktoberfest 2023

Date: Sept. 8th - Sept. 11th

Hiroshima Oktoberfest Info


Sendai Oktoberfest 2023

Date: Sept. 13th - Sept. 24th

Yokohama Oktoberfest 2023


Yokohama Oktoberfest 2023

Date: Sept. 29th - Oct.15th

More Information coming up soon!

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