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Woho´s publication

Woho´s musette book for Accordion player " Musette de Paris " published world wide since 2001

Woho arranged for NHK Radio German children songs also German classical Lied for TV boradcasting, it was published on the NHK doitsuko course!

( NHK- German course for several years)

NHK German course Xmas edition

Woho´s Xmas songs arrangements°

Woho working with NHK Radio arrange the songs for the German Course! Published in 2009

Woho working with NHK TV arrange and play the German songs for the German Course! Published in 1999

NHK German course 2008/2009

made all song arrangements for this Education program

Woho´s first CD Magical Accordion 1

released in 1997

Magical Accordion 2 released in 1998

Magical Accordion 3 released in 1999

Woho & Conny released in 2001

Woho´s Journey released in 2003

Woho´s Best released in 2015

Coming soon: " Woho´s German ABC & Travel Guide book "

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